Invite us for this one and only ride of your life in a ship that will guide you to the Personal Agility Lighthouse with Raji and Michal

What do we deliver?

In this powerful, engaging and full of laughter session, we shall use our Personal Agility(PA) lighthouse to guide you to the secure shores of your personal vision, help prepare you to tread the long roads of mergers/acquisitions. We will also use Individual Personal Agility Assessment, which is a vital requisite for changes in any company. Influencing with personal agility to work on personal vision (long term plans) and development directions be it right or wrong. Many strong pillars of personal agility will steer you to your goal alignment that will pave the way to organizational agility. We will get you ready for opportunities and prepare you for changes when your company trade-mark needs it or your strategic/tactical plan needs tweaking on the fly.

What do you TakeAway from us?

The Future

Start to ride the waves from and by yourself

Continuous Self-improvement with an ever-shining lighthouse

Work your brains and minds regularly

Soften politics with Organizational adaptability

Everyone goes home armed with PA capability to use the next day