Workshop by Raji and Michal 

Experience this one and only ride of your life in a ship that will guide you to the Personal Agility Lighthouse™(PALH™)

Personal Agility For Organizational Agility

How agile are you? Come find out and multiply your future competencies! Personal Agility (PA) and its importance to Organizational Agility (OA) is our core principle. The Personal Agility Lighthouse(PALH™)™ model is built on seven flavors. AgilityDiscoveries explore the subtleties of getting the organizational outcome through seven skill sets. It comprises of Education, Change, Emotional,  Political, Cerebral, Learning, and Outcomes Agility.

Personal Agility Lighthouse™(PALH™) Model

Definition of Personal Agility 

Personal Agility in AgilityDiscoveries minds is: interpretation of agile mindsets in today’s modern organizations, impact of the leaders of today, relearning yourself, rerouting capabilities, and improving competencies. People with highly honed Personal Agility can create enhanced Organizational Agility.


Personal Agility can be applied to any individual, both from a personal and professional perspective. There are seven flavors of Personal Agility. While some of them can be natural for individuals – we can say are born with them, while others can be mastered/honed. It is important to keep them in balance. We at AgilityDiscoveries have created the PA Lighthouse™ Index. This is an assessment where every participant in our workshops can learn more about himself/herself. To find out which agilities are already honed and which should be further developed. If you take PA Lighthouse™ Index, in intervals, the results may change over time, which is why we call PA Lighthouse™ Index ‘Agile’.

Sample application of the Personal Agility Lighthouse™ Model

Agile is widely used by many industries. In order to have a successful Agile environment, we need to deal with multiple changes and we also need something, called the ‘Agile Mindset’. A famous expression goes,“Don’t do Agile, Be Agile”. What does ‘Agile Mindset’ mean? How does one define the Agile Mindset? AgilityDiscoveries with its seven Personal Agility flavors explain the Agile Mindset and guides leaders and executives.

What is in it for me?

Personal Agility is about individuals and the goal is to build better organizations. The model refers specifically to individuals. Anyone or any organization that needs clarity can get to where they want to be. There are 7 different agilities and not all are for everybody. Maybe having just two of them is perfect in one individual situation. Not all 7 needs to be honed by all the individuals. It depends on the industry, the individual, the situation etc. But the need to know where an individual is important. Your current state is known by taking the PA Lighthouse Index. Once the ‘as is’ state is known, AgilityDiscoveries will provide various guidance points for participants to hone themselves to reach their goal.

  • Personal Agility facilitates the speed and change to achieve continuous competitive advantage in serving the organization and its multiple stakeholders.
  • Personal Agility stimulates viable outcomes at a continual speed making the most out of effective outcomes
  • High-performing organizations build on individual’s capability and capacity to change and adapt quickly to produce high levels of agility, and superior project outcomes.
  • On-site AgilityDiscoveries Personal Agility Exam (*OPTIONAL)* At the end of the workshop, the participants will have the option to take the exam on-site under the supervision of the Personal Agility Guides from AgilityDiscoveries.It will be a paper based exam to formally be evaluated for demonstrated knowledge and performance in achieving Organizational Agility throughPersonal Agility using our PA Lighthouse™ model.The participant will have to reschedule the exam (first and only other attempt), with no additional costs if the participant fails.

High level Agenda

The workshop is about future competencies that are essential for the transformation for organizational agility.