Reroute your Personal Agility with AgilityDiscoveries

The Personal Agility Light House™ Model is built on seven flavors.

It explores the subtleties of getting the organizational outcome by honing individual skill sets.

Principles of the PALH™ Model

1. We need to constantly keep advancing ourselves to reroute our capabilities – Education Agility

2. We need to relearn ourselves to improve competencies – Change Agility

3. We have to treat others with deference – Emotional Agility

4. We need transparency for organizational growth – Political Agility

5. We need to focus on organizational goals not the impediments of alterations – Cerebral Agility

6. We need to have the courage to say “I don’t know” – Learning Agility

7. We need to commit to excel in the outcome that is foreseen – Outcomes Agility

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